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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 24, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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now at 6:00, a bridge collapse sends cars plunging into the water. this is a live picture of the aftermath in washington state. ahead, we're learning more about what happened to the bridge's failure and the impact on the community. and the magnitude 5.7 earthquake shakes people across northern california, followed by more than 40 overnight aftershocks. what the experts are saying this morning. and nearly five days after a deadly tornado left 24 people dead, there's a setback in oklahoma as the state tries to move forward. it's 6:00 on this friday. thank you for joining us. >> what's the weather going to be like? >> we're starting to see more
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clouds especially along the coast and the shoreline. good morning, everybody. showing just how dry it is for this morning. passing clouds this morning around the bay. your next 12 hours. 63 at noon, 66 with sunshine and breezy conditions along the shore and 61 during the evening hours. your day planner for our inland valley for the next 12 hours is is clear and 46. up to 68 with hazy sunshine by noon. calmer. the winds won't be as fast. about 73 and will drop down into jacket weather in the evening. more clouds along the coast. about 48. it will become breezy and windy, mid to upper 50s for you and gorgeous pictures waiting for you of the sunset. let's find out about that morning commute. >> only 1200 customers lost power due to this accident. right now, just 200 customers
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are without power due to a car, a truck that went off the road and sheered some powerlines. as we head towards san jose, northbound 880 between highway 101 and great malt parkway, cones are being picked up. everything running on time and now, a live look outside. this is your drive into central san rafael. taillights hitting southbound. just a 21-minute drive out of san rafael. >> thank you. it's 6:02. >> we're continuing to follow developing news out of washington state. this morning, federal investigators will arrive at the scene of the interstate 5 bridge collapse. >> cars fell into the water leading to quick rescue efforts. katie. >> we now know the cause of the collapse and if we go to some live pictures we have now, the helicopters there just zooming in on what looks to be a large box truck. back to the bridge and take a
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look at that. but it is a large box truck. hit the overhead span of the bridge. the truck made it off the bridge and the driver made it on scene and is cooperating with investigators. the state transportation secretary telling people to avoid interstate 5 in the area for the next several days. you can see why. this is the video from last night. when the bridge went down, two cars and three people were plungeded into the water. fortunately, all three survived and we're hearing from one. dan sly was going camping with his wife. he says he saw the box truck and knew something was wrong. >> commenting to my wife as we approached the bridge that it seemed that the truck and the load he was carrying was about four feet wider than the bridge on the right side. he hit the bridge about three or feet wider than the actual bridge was and there was a big puff of dust. >> the interstate 5 bridge is old. it was built in 1955. state officials inspected it
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last november and found it to be safe. the bridge however is listed as functionally obsolete. now, that doesn't make it unsafe per se. it means the design is unsafe and can't handle modern traffic. a team should be on scene there later today. washington's governor says they are already designing detours to get people around that bridge, which is a major north south artery and says they'll rebuild as quickly as humanly possible. >> thanks a lot. google maps is is already reflecting the bridge collapse on its mapping service. take a look. this is a screen shot from google maps showing interstate 5 and you can see the break where the roadway approaches the skagit river. this appears to be the first major u.s. bridge collapse since a deadly incident in minneapolis nearly six years ago on august
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2nd, 2007, the interstate 5 mississippi river bridge collapsed. more than 100 cars plunged into the water. 13 people were killed. 145 others were injured. the ntsb later found a design error. as we first brought you news of the bridge collapse on twitter, we're continuing coverage and other breaking news as it happens. stay with us on air and online. follow us on twitter at abc 7 news. the usgs is tracking dozens of aftershocks after a 5.7 earthquake struck a rural community of northern california. check out this surveillance video. this is a grocery store in greenville where the quake was soccer e centered about two hours east of redding. more than 40 aftershocks continue. >> the house started gently shifting, rocking back and forth
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for about five or ten seconds. the lamp shades starting rocking. nothing major. nothing fell off, but it was a good five or ten seconds of the house shifting gently back and forth. >> matt keller is at usg is s headquarters and we'll have a live report coming up in a half hour. also, another earthquake to tell you about. an 8.2 between the coast of japan and russia. the quake could be felt for five minutes across russia. many people ran into the streets as the earthquake shook. the area where the quake hit is located along the ring of fire. an area with high seismic and volcanic activity. we posted prepare north cal's guidelines, developing an emergency plan for earthquakes for your family at co. now to the latest in oklahoma. heavy rains, hail and flooding continue to hamper recovery
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efforts. flash floods blocked streets in oklahoma city yesterday. it appears debris from the tornado clogged storm drains. people in oklahoma city and moore face a huge task. rebuilding the many homes damaged or destroyed by the tornado. fixinging the damage will cost an estimated $2 medi officially set the death toll at 24. this morning, san francisco police continue to investigate a deadly collision between a bar badge truck and a bicyclist. the garbage truck made a right turn and the cyclist collided with its back tires. witnesses say he was riding fast alongside the truck and was not wearing a helmet. the truck driver is cooperating with their investigation. alcohol and drugs are not believed to be factors in this accident. under a state order, the city of oakland has returned more than $32 million from the sale of the henry j. kaiser
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convention center and seven other properties. oakland sold the properties to an agency in 2011 to help balance a massive city budget deficit. proceeds from the sale were then moved from the redevelopment agency to city coffers shortly before governor brown ended the program and seized agency assets. the contra costa times reports state regulators rejected the accounting gimmick. the properties will be transferred back to the city. a jury is expected to decide today if a silicon valley software engineer was criminally insane when he killeded three of his managers five years ago. the same jury convicted -- in march on three counts of first degree murder. investigators say the 52-year-old entered semiconductor in 2008 and killed the company's ceo, president of operations and human resources manager. the firm had just laid him off as a test product engineer.
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the memorial day travel rush will begin today and the summer travel forecast is showing things are looking good for anyone planning to hit the road this weekend. 31.2 million americans say they'll be driving somewhere. gas prices are about the same as last memorial day. 3.66 a gallon on average. we pay more here in california and the bay area. >> we do. here's mike with a look at the forecast. sq >> we'll start with looking at temperatures in the east bay. right now, it's in the 50s in pittsburgh. antioch and brentwood. 49 in walnut creek. 42 at dublin. here's a look at bronte and redwood city at about 50 degrees. we have 43 in novato. 46 san mateo. cupertino at 44.
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alameda one of the warm spots at 52 degrees. if you're heading to the game, it's going to be cool and a normal breeze blowing through at&t park. dropping down to about 54. today's temperatures about the same as yesterday. maybe about a degree or two warmer. we will hold steady through saturday. now, sunday, we see the clouds increase and look at those temperatures drop about 2 to 6 degrees. 50s and 60s to round out memorial day with a chance of rain. time for traffic. >> all right. as we start you off in san francisco, the great highway is still going to be shut down and this is all due to some sand that blew on to the roadway. if you are going to be making it out to the beach over the weekend, you won't be able to use the great highway to get there. as we look at the eastbound bay bridge, we have construction out here and this is going to be three lanes blocked until at least 6:30 this morning. as you make it over towards treasure island, your westbound commute looking busy as well and
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here's a live look at berkeley and you can see a build up of traffic. it's going to take you about 14 minutes to head out to highway 4. >> thank you. it's just about 6:11. new this morning, the corporate shake up behind everything from crest tooth paste to pampers diapers. but first, a former child star is introuble with the law. what amanda bynes drew on a
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it's friday, gait weather to memorial day weekend and we begin with live beautiful pictures of golden gate bridge. it is sunny with a little bit of haze. what a lovely picture. we're going to check in shortly to see about your temperatures for the holiday weekend. president obama is set to deliver is commencement address at the naval academy in maryland. it is set to get underway at 7:00 a.m. our time. about 45 minutes. today's address follows the commencement speech he delivered over the weekend. this is video from that speech.
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after today's address, the president will return to the white house where he will sign a bill designating a congressional gold medal remembering the lives of the four girls killed at the 1963 bombing in birmingham, alabama. the former new york congressman who resigned after posting lewd photos now admits trkd be more women to come forward with inappropriate photos. anthony weiner made the admission yesterday during an interview with a new york city radio station. he is attempting a political comeback and is running for mayor of new york city. weiner says he's just focused on the issues and hopes voters will give him a second chance. adding to his troubles, his campaign website mistakingly included a background shot of pittsburgh instead of the new york city skyline. amanda bynes is facing wreckless endangerment and possession charges after police say she threw a bong out of a
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36-floor window. officers escorted the actress into a manhattan police station last night. earlier in the evening, police responded to the apartment after receiving a call about someone smoking marijuana in a lobby. when bynes realized officers cowell see her bongs, she threw it out the window 36 stories. the company known for pampers, crest and gillette razors has a new leader. laughly's return comes as the world's largest consumer maker faces slow growth. the products are found in 98% of american households. the current ceo is retiring. the smart phone bill for millions of americans will be a litter higher this month. at&t has added a new fee to the
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bills of all its wireless lines. at&t says the fee is needed to help cover expenses including maintenance. the company has more than 70 million subscribers and as a result, at&t is set to make half a billion dollars in new revenue. let's check in with mike. we're starting to weekend kind of on a cool note. are we going to end up that way, too? >> yes. it's not going to feel like summer. that's been the reoccurring theme. good morning, everybody. as we try to kick off the summer season, we will go retro. our temperatures will actually fall backwards and be much cooler than average with a chance of rain by monday, so i will be here, so will live doppler 7 and we'll track that rain for you on memorial day. let's talk about winds. san francisco bay, san pablo bay and the delta communities. 1:00 this afternoon, if you're thinking about heading out on the bay water, you're going to deal with west winds at 15 to 25
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knots gusting to 30. there right now there saturday at 11:00 in the inevening. a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge. it's going to be sunny. still breezy in a few spots. cooler conditions throughout the holidays and then it climaxes with a chance of rain monday that will spill into tuesday. here's a look at the high pressure holding our weather right now. this storm and this active jet stream is starting to move more par rell. it's moving from west east instead of making these big ridges and troughs. let's follow as it moves across, heads down towards us. monday morning, light rain breaking out. sprinkles for just about everybody. probably the best chance at the coast. that will spread inland throughout the afternoon and evening hours. gray all day with intermittent light rain. it doesn't help the deficit. just makes monday a little less
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bearable if you're outside. today though, total sunshine. warmest weather inland. arndt the bay, mid to upper 60s. about 62 in san francisco. and mid to upper 50s along the coast. now, as far as our temperatures tonight, we're going to be in the 40s and 50s. the marine layer starting to redevelop, so 40s to near 50s. we'll wake up to more cloud cover and that will be the case sunday morning, but the cloud cover will be more stubborn. by monday, we're 5 to 10 degrees cooler than we were about say this afternoon. and then tuesday, wednesday and thursday, you can start to see a little bit of a warming trend. how about the traffic from layla. >> in fact, we are looking at clear conditions across the bay area. but we have construction along westbound highway 4. up to the leverage off ramp, that's going to be shut down until 9:30 and we're starting to see heavy traffic there. 20 miles per hour, but look at that. it's starting to move along just
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fine as you start heading into pittsburgh and concord. if you're heading eastbound, looks like these cones are being picked up right now. now, let's take a look at your drive time traffic on highway 4 out of antioch. 24 minutes. tracy to dublin. 26 minutes. almost unheard of. 101 southbound from san mateo into san jose, 23 minutes and speaking of san jose past the off ramp, six minutes to get you from highway 85 up to julian. >> thank you. 6:20 now. a close up look at repairs to the golden gate bridge and at 6:30, we'll show you what's being done to make the bridge safe for commuters. coming up first, don't have to ask me twice. cooldown with a sweet treat. consumer reports go on an ice cream taste
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oh the weather outside is hotter. >> you may be reaching for some ice cream. >> consumer reports has partnered exclusively with -- for a new taste test. >> here's michael. >> good morning.
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for many adults and kids alike, hot sunny days and cold desserts. if ice cream and frozen yogurt choices seem endless, have in fear. consumer reports has the scoop on what to keep stock in your freezer. go to any ice cream shop and you'll find plenty of choices. but what to choose when you want to chill at home. consumer reports says to 25 ice creams and frozen yogurts in three popular flavors. vanilla, chocolate and butter pecan. >> granted, not all are health food, but we do look at nutrition information to see which ones are best for you. >> and testers also rated for for taste. the butter pecan, top rated hagan daz. >> it also scored the lowest
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nutritionally. a half cup serving has 300 calories. >> for half the fat and calorie, try walmart's butter pecan ice cream and it's also the least expensive. more of a flavor traditionalist, both hagan daz and ben and jerry's vanilla and chocolate have big flavors and creamy textures, but the ben and jerry's are lower in fat. for a healthier choice, try frozen yogurt. >> the hot new thing in the freezer aisle, greek frozen yogurt, but none of the four we tested were standouts. >> instead, go with traditional frozen yogurts. either blue bunny vanilla bean or t krrcby classic vanilla off treat that's both delicious and healthy. that is if you're even thinking about nutrition. consumer reports says it's interesting to note that
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descriptions in the ice cream al are changing. breyers now calls some of its frozen dairy desserts. they have too little fat to meet the definition of ice cream and if you think ice cream containers are shrinking, you're right. ones like hagan daz look like a 16 ounce pint, but only contain 14 ounces. breaking news at 6:30. an international man hunt for a california man comes to an end. and gaping hole now stands in a major artery that links seattle to canada. here's a live picture of the land area right around that bridge off i-5 where the bridge collapsed and cars plunging into a river. we're going to have continuing coverage of the rescue efforts to save the drivers caught in the disaster and the investigation that begins this morning.
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i'm matt keller live at the usga in men
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good friday morning. just about 6:30 on this holiday weekend. >> let's get you started with a look at the weather forecast. still cool? >> absolutely. temperatures still in the 40s and many areas are off to a cool start, but notice the winds have calmed. only 10 miles an hour in concord, 14 in fairfield. livermore, novato and santa rosa, they'll come back, but they'll be mainly along the shoreline and the coast and higher elevations during the afternoon hours. your day planner, next 12 hours around the bay, 48 degrees. a passing cloud or two. this morning, it will be sunny. noon at 53. dropping down to 61, but no real issues for the evening hours. your day planner, next 12 hour, clear skies, 46. hazy, 68 at noon. calmer and warmer, about 73 and
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light jacket weather during the evening hours. about 66. you need a coat. breezy conditions along the coast. more clouds than yesterday, but still, a pretty bright day. here's layla with your traffic. >> since we got underway at 4:30 this morning, it appears we've only had a couple of accidents, which is good news. a nice, quiet start to the memorial day weekend. we have a report of a ladder on 101 if you're heading in the southbound direction. that could be blocking one lane out there, but doesn't appear to be slowing anything down. as we take a quick look at your great highway, it's going to be shut down until further notice. here's a live look at your 680 coming away from highway 4. it's going to take you eight minutes. another 16 if you're making that drive out of walnut creek into dublin. breaking news now involving the capture of a northern california man wanted for a
6:32 am
quadruple murder in the czech republic. 21-year-old kevin dahlgren has been detained in washington, d.c. as he came back into the u.s. overnight. he's wanted for killing four people in brno, the second largest city in the czech republic. the victims have said to be musicians an the teacher and investigators think he slit the victim's throats, then set the house on fire. dahlgren lists his hometown as palo alto, but also lived in san carlos as a child and moved to granite bay outside sacramento. police say czech authorities will seek dahlgren's expedition to bring him back there. zblncht a sleepless night for northern california after a 5.7 earthquake last night. the quakes hit just before 9:00 near greenville in the northeastern part of the state. we go to matt keller live in
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menlo park. >> we want to update everyone on these aftershocks. take a look at the usga website. our last count has it at 44 aftershocks. this is a major quick hit last night. just before 9:00. the last aftershock was a 2.5 hit about5:36. the biggest we've seen is a 4.9 and that hit just after 1:00 this morning. this photo is from the holiday market in chester. you can see the 5.7 quake kno knocked some bottles of soda on the floor. here's another one of a worker cleaning up a mess in one of the aisles. now, no major damage or serious injuries have been reported, but people in the area were surprised by the size of the quake. >> first, i heard the noise, then my house, it's a one-level house, it shook unbelievably. it shook and pictures starting falling. things in my china cabinet, by
6:34 am
cup board doors are open. >> looking over the past, we have seen lots of magnitude 3s and 4s to the area, so it's not unusual in terms of the earthquake itself, september for the size. >> scientists say they'll update their aftershock probability around 9:00 this morning and say a bigger quake could hit the region again. we're continuing to monitor the aftershocks and we'll bring you continuous updates and a full list is on our website. >> we posted prepare north cal's guidelines for developing an energy plan for your family at developing news where a major route connecting seattle and vancouver has a big gap where a key bridge used to be.
6:35 am
the sckagit river bridge collapsed yesterday near mt. vernon on interstate 5. katie joins us live with new information on the possible cause of collapse. >> a team should arrive on scene later today to start its own invei investigation. the washington patrol state chief said it was an oversize truck that hit the overhead span of the bridge. he said the truck made it off the bridge. this was the scene last night. twisted steal emerged in the icy skagit river. two cars and three people were plunged into the river. zpl should you are was dislocated at that point. my truck top was caved in. couldn't see my wife in the passenger's seat. asked her if she was okay, she
6:36 am
wasn't responding. popped my shoulder back in so i could unbuckle and get to her. unbuckled her, pulled her over on to my side because it was filling up, about belly deep. >> and we have live pictures we can show you. dan has that dislocated shoulder, also some cuts. his wife did suffer from internal bleeding, but everyone is expected to be okay. washington's governor says they are already designing detours to get people around this bridge, which is a major north south artery. meanwhile, the state transportation secretary is asking people to avoid interstate 5 for the next several days. >> thank you. just a little more background now. the skagit river bridge runs two lanes east in the north and southbound direction. 70,000 cars travel across it each day. the bridge was built in 1955. just recently designated
6:37 am
functionally obsolete. that means the bridge design is in fact outdated. caltran says it's confident its plan to work around defective bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge will work. >> caltrans is showing off the work in an effort to reassure the public. we'll have more on that, also, the boy scouts changing its policy when it comes to gay members. coming up, the bart board holds a rare late night meeting. the decision on weather cyclists will be able to board trains no matter what time of day. san francisco, you're looking at the ferry building and the bay bridge
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we're back at 6:40. we'll start around alam rock and sunnyvale. cooler around saratoga. 42 in cupertino. got about 46 degrees in campbell and also in san jose. 51 and alameda for the warm spots now. guess what time of the year it is? graduations. evergreen. valley high school in san jose. cougars, 57 degrees at 9:00. your commencement's at 10:00.
6:41 am
when you get out -- it's going to get cooler each day. more on that coming up. first, a check of traffic. >> we have something peculiar in san jose. before that, we have some debris blocking a lane. this is along northbound 85. again, it is blocking one lane, not causing any slowing, but farther to the north along 101, someone's reporting a person that is in a car sleeping in the backseat blocking the off ramp. that's on northbound 101, so that could be causing a delay out there as you look for an alternate off ramp. the great highway still shut down right now. not sure when that's going to clear. let's take a live look outside. a nice clear drive out of hayward. 14 minutes to traverse that span. bart directors have voted to allow bikes aboard all trains for the next five months.
6:42 am
the bart board backed away from a recommendation to make the policy permanent. for now, they'll be allowed on all but the first three cars event during the peak hours. some board members say they need more time to evaluate the impact of the change before deciding to make it permanent. 6:24 now. trading is underway on wall street. let's take a live look at the big board. right now, the dow is down about 45 minutes. coming up first after a tense debate, the boy scouts lifting its ban on gay members.
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caltran says it's confident plan to work around defective bolts will work. workers are using special platforms to stand on while they drill into concrete. those wires will anchor steel saddles like the one shown here in an image provided by caltran.
6:46 am
they will compensate for 32 broken steel bolts. the system is designed to keep the system safe during an earthquake. this morning, the boy scouts decision to accept openly gay scouts. the debate began in the east bay where openly gay scout was denied the rank of eagle sout even though he had down all the work. not all parents support this change. cy johnson says he will now take his 8 and 10-year-old sons out of scouting. >> if first time children are being given the permission to talk about these topics in a pup tent on a camping weekend and some of us parents object to that. >> our vision is to serve every kid. we want every kid to have a place where they belong and can learn and grow and feel protected. >> the question as to whether to allow gay adults leaders was not considered. gay rights groups say they plan
6:47 am
to keep pressuring the group. zblmpblt some of the final preparations are being made for thival parade in san francisco. one of the dozens of colorful groups that will parade through the mission. this year's event was in limbo. it has grown so large, organizers couldn't come up with the $1 million needed to finance the two-day party, but after some phone call, they managed to drum up enough monetary support. the grandpa raid is on sunday morning. the concerns about money problems came up earlier this year at a meeting in the mission. if your group would like to team up with abc 7 to host the next meeting, go to our page at you may soon see more targeted ads on twitter. >> google, facebook may be on the verge of a huge, huge bidding war over the same
6:48 am
company. >> jane king has this live from the new york stock exchange. good morning, jane. >> good morning. how would you like to be the people who started that app? it is a free service. two of the -- are accurate. earlier this month, there was talk facebook was in talk with wave, willing to shell out a billion dollars to buy it and now, we're hearing google is interested. so, something we're keeping a close eye on. twitter coming out with a new feature not everyone may like. it's a customer matching service. it makes it easier for advertisers to find you. they can then taylor the messages. twitter has been expanding this year in an effort to boost sales. we're starting off lower. if we would close lower today, that would be three down days. bloomberg silicon valley index
6:49 am
this morning is in the red. looks like more of us ready for some rest and relaxation. thanks to steadier job creation and an improving economy, more americans will use their vacation days. the past few year, a lot of people stayed close to home or didn't go on a vacation at all. >> enjoy your weekend and the new york stock exchange will will be closed on monday for the holidays. >> waves is abc 7's traffic partner. the social aspect where people can input their notes. i think that's partly what's getting so much sbes from the bidding wars. >> i think she's right there on the scene and yeah, absolutely. >> weather's very valuable, too. >> we've gotten some of that, but we sure appreciate them letting us now how the weather is, too. here's one of our remote senses
6:50 am
devices. spinning up on top, going to track some rain with it monday. so join me then and we'll get your holiday planned out around that light rain chance. for right now, just pretty dry. it's a beautiful picture. downtown san francisco. look at all that sunshine. will be sunny today, not as breezy as it has been. climaxes with the chance of rain. the jet stream's getting more active out here. it's got that little kink in it and this is our storm that's going to come in. watch as we head through time. tomorrow, sunday, goes up to the north. that means it's going to bring us cooler weather, a chance of light rain monday morning and then scattered light rains. talking less than a tenth of an
6:51 am
inch. storms this time of year just aren't strong enough to help us close that gap that we have. we're not going to do that. it's just going to be kind of a pain to get around at times. let's talk about today. wall to wall sunshine. mid to upper 50s along the coast. 62 in san francisco. 67 in oakland. 70 in santa rosa and low to mid-70s in our inland valleys. now, if you are heading to the game, we'll talk about temperatures running around 58 degrees at 7:15, dropping down to 54. we'll go from sunshine to seeing stars and it's going to be a little breezy. overnight lows will be in the 40s and 50s. some of those clouds will fill into the bay, but i really think tomorrow afternoon will turn out sunny and about the same as today and then those clouds will be more stubborn. notice the temperatures drop about 2 to 6 degrees. we drop about 2 to 4 degrees on monday. we're only in the 50s and 60s.
6:52 am
maybe next weekend, you can see there's a warming trend thursday and that will spill into thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. speaking of ways, you don't want to leave home without it. it can help you save at least ten minutes of your commute time. over the eastbound bay bridge, looks like cones are being picked up now, so three lanes were blocked there. take a look at the westbound traffic. if you're traveling along -- 680 coming down from concord, you have a flight to catch for memorial day weekend, 12 minutes from get you from san francisco to sfo. a live look outside now, san jose, 280 coming away from 17. it's a six-minute commute. experiencing a delay. ten minutes away due to some
6:53 am
door problems. >> thank you very much. zblmpblt it's now 6:25. ahead, five things to
6:54 am
it's 6:54. number one, developing news. we're closing in on 50 aftershocks this morning following a 5.7 quake that hit the small rural town of greenville in the northeastern part of our state. usgs scientists say they'll update their aftershock probability around 9:00 tho morning. so far, only minor damaged reports. the ntsb is set to arrive in washington state to investigate the collapse of the skagit bridge. it happened on interstate 5 after a collision involving an oversized truck. two cars and three people plunged into the water. all survived. three, kevin dahlgren was
6:55 am
arrested at a washington, d.c. airport overnight. officials in the czech republic say he's wanted in the murders of four relatives there. 21-year-old dahlgren lists his hometown as palo alto, but has also lived in san carlos and granite bay. police say czech authorities will seek his extradition to bring him back for trial. bikes get a green light on bikes. they held off from making the move permanent. bikes still won't be allowed on the first three cars of any b.a.r.t. train. number five, 31.2 million americans say they'll be driving somewhere this weekend and the same as last year. according to aaa, no big changes when it comes to gas prices either. 3.66 a gallon. that's nationwide average. same as last year's memorial day weekend. >> unofficial start to summer, but it won't feel like it. >> look at ul these 40s across
6:56 am
the city if you're coming in. forest hill, the cool spot at 44. most of our temperatures in the 40s this morning. richmond at 51, but look at american canyon, santa clara, 41. palo alto, 42 degrees. a whole lot of sunshine in the afternoon hours. breezy mid to upper 50s at the coast. have a great day. >> we still have this in san jose, some debris, a bag of debris northbound at highway 85. see a little bit of slowing there. looking clear. highway 4, westbound. off ramp that is still shut down until 9:30. just want to let you know, caltran is experiencing delays due to a problem. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us for the news which continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during gma. >> so, what time is the barbecue on memorial day?
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, a massive bridge collapse on one of the nation's busiest interstates. cars and people sent plummeting 120 feet into a freezing river. >> just a white flash and cold water. >> this morning, one of the survivors speaks out about the harrowing seconds after he and his wife went plunging off that bridge. also breaking this morning, jumbo jet on fire. smoke streaming from an engine then an emergency landing at one of the world's busiest airports. the moments of crisis all caught on tape. and a bombshell at the jodi arias trial. the jury gives up. a decision on her fate is postponed, so what really happened inside the jury room? we'll speak live to the foreman in an abc news exclusive. and the holiday weekend getaway is here but will it be a washout?


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